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What remains of a unique Onam at Rasa this year!

Just finished celebrating Onam and the lingering aroma and taste of the feast remain in our feelings.

After a beautiful growing up period in Kerala, I carried and shared the message and significance of this festival all these years by celebrating with rasa customers without a break.

Well-wishers of rasa look forward to this day as much as my team, traditional attire, floral decorations, lighting of the welcome lamp and serving delicious food all over fresh banana leaves make us feel so happy every time.

The childhood memory of Onam story continue to excite me, it revolves around the most loved king with his philosophy of equality, plenty and happiness filled in the life of everyone

They say, Onam’s the harvest festival of Kerala these days, perhaps a fantastic season to celebrate as our storage of grains and vegetables are full after the new harvest. Also, it helps to bring everyone together and kerala people hold this experience close to their heart from wherever they live in this planet.

Thus Onam feast these days has become the most significant aspect of uniting a community beyond all differences, we call it Onam Sadya!

This very special lunch’s served on a banana leaf, starting with crispy snacks. pickles on the left-hand corner followed by as many dishes (dry a

nd wet) up to the right-hand corner, and the heap of Kerala rice in the middle, simple dal and ghee on top as the first course, aromatic Sambar goes next and tangy kalan, spicy rasam and buttermilk, finally the rice pudding to complete this memorable meal.

The most beautiful thing about this feast’s the remarkable balance of flavours, soothing smell and refreshing colours of the dishes.

Though the dishes are similar on most occasions, an Onam feast remains the most spectacular experience.

Old days parents gifted us with new clothes, we collected flowers from in and around the village for floral decorations yet the feast stayed on in our life every year . At least for Onam everyone cooks a vegetarian meal and Sadya has become the Kerala identity and a reason to be together.

Until we meet again for next Oman, look after yourself and remain happy just like the Onam day.

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