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Changing Flavours - A Das Audio Sensation Podcast

Hello friends,

Taste means so much in eating for a long time, people reach out for new taste anywhere though goodness matters a lot these days due to health reasons.

We are in search of new flavours and consistency of them take the lockdown days, my best friend drove me miles away from our favourite idly sitting in the car we finished the meal in minutes, couldn’t wait to reach home!

What I noticed during this season was incredible variation of taste in the same place for same dishes the most amazing thing about taste is how people remember the clarity of flavours as they taste for the first time, but it’s an uphill task for the chef to satisfy and match the same expectation second time onwards it happens so frequently.

People get fed up with eating unhappy meals, maybe in my restaurant too obviously, taste’s subtle and complicated at the same time unless you can focus completely and imagine the diner’s expectation and dream about your food since cooks often avoid minute details due to rush and workload.

The synergy gets lost between the diner and the chef oftentimes a daring customer walks up to express the displeasure could easily be misunderstood or get neglected on the other hand, some people have the habit of complaining.

It has nothing to do with the taste in short taste needs a rethinking if one cares deeply about people who hold this memory all their life may be its an old school lesson.

Taste’s rolled out of your emotions, it demands you to be mindful as you touch the ingredients every dish is a new creation and it will justify your current mood and level of intensity and it can taste wonderful every time. A surprise like you charm people on a daily basis it’s nice to be conscious, someone’s dreaming your flavours and very excited as they reach you.

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