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In the Name of Love

I remember my mother’s words, when you touch and interact with ingredients, express your love and appreciation every time, no matter how big or small they are..

Last few weeks I have been busy thinking about a new concept for our restaurant, am sure you know the market has opened and opportunities are springing up from everywhere

I watched regional TV channels to spot new trends in India but I was shocked by an unbelievable flashing news on every channel.

This boy approached a girl in the college and expressed his interest in her, she turned down his request and walked away.

Having rejected his romance, this young man shot a beautiful 22-year-old in the day light and he shot himself afterwards.

This was in south India last week, many such killings happened in the recent past between lovers or married couples in the name of love or money.

But gun crimes are unheard of and may be its because buying gun’s not easy in India

Its sad to see the extend people travel to commit crimes and bring shame to the whole society.

Love’s a very sensitive topic ever, in India and elsewhere. It remains a secretly personal feeling everyone has to apply own imagination to make love real, often people make wrong judgements about each other and sometimes shamelessly commit severe crimes.

It’s the most beautiful yet hugely complicated, inseparable event in most people’s life

Perhaps people follow stories from the past and present, mixed up in opinions and information, eventually end up in a mess.

There is a remedy for every problem, following the footsteps of taste creation, good taste happens with consistency of effort with tireless application of care.

We could try this proven wisdom in every aspect of life and help our youngsters to build a happy future, to love and be loved all the time.

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