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Delayed Compliments - DAS Audio Sensation Podcast


wecome back

when someone died, I heard people talk so nicely on tv. they memorised many incidents they could praise him with and made him to be the best person lived on earth

this happens pretty much every time someone dies

people collect and keep the compliments safe until that landmak day, full of sad emmotions and pretend like they said it numer of times when he was alive

i grew up in a time where appreciation was very pricy and could easily affect your vanity and ego if you say good things about others many things have changed around us with time except this habit, we still don’t get it right let’s not rule out occasional drop of kind gedtures in front of individuals, unfortunayely they make you feel good like that for some benefits from you

compliments can elevate our spirits at work too, thus performance from the team as a whole could be much better everybody looks forward to your support and timely comments to feel the purpose of life there could be a time, after long waiting you lose interest for those warm words and most importantly self belief

everyone’s born with enough and more of good qualities which we could enlighten them in ur own ways it doesn’t have to be verbal all the time, use your instincts make them we feel you appreciate their work or nature it doesn’t cost you anything but it could change someone’s day or it could lead to a life changing attitude a complete person’s by and large a product of his sarroundings.

you can be an intefral part of making some remarkable transformations

habit of complimenting will attract you to similar positive people and it could greatly help your personality a dead person doesn’t need your fake words or delayed praise, you don’t even know whether he could listen to your words or acting folks, don’t waste your opportunity to say nice things to enrich others life, you will be doing a great favour to yourself

watch people when they smile. everyone has a beautiful one.

that’s a nice quality to compliment anyone be kind and generous the way you are fascinated with others, it wont harm you..

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