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The remarkable taste of Rasa Vangi

Beautifully purple with a shinysmooth skin, Aubergine can easily be anybody’s favourite vegetable. Likewise, I always loved touching, gently slicing, subtly cooking and last not least relish its soft texture in curries. Though popular aubergines in the west come in same purple shade and appearance, they are available in different colours and sizes in India, especially the long green ones are common in South India.

Aubergine dishes are very common in our cooking, with its rich source of dietary fibre, vitamin B1, B6 and Potassium, aubergine curries appear in our day-to-day meals back home. Rasa Vangi’s our new addition on Rasa W1 menu, the very name of the dish will give you the most amazing, oozing tangy flavour from its spongy flesh. The remarkable taste of Rasa Vangi is extracted from unique ingredients like fennel, coconut milk and tamarind juice, use of shallots add to that divine aroma too.

Cubes of aubergines are gently fried to give a crunchy feel as they are slowly cooked in a spicy sauce made of onions, ginger, green chillies, tomatoes and simmered in freshly squeezed coconut milk.

I love to eat Rasa Vangi with my favourite lemon rice and tomato/cucumber raita, even though our chefs recommend fluffy, layered Malabar Paratha. Unlike many masala curry dishes, Rasa Vangi honestly makes you feel lighter after the meal and obviously leaving enough space for a rice pudding!

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